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Our Services


At Illuminate Speech, we specialize in providing pediatric speech therapy for children and their families in St. Johns and surrounding communities to address communication development in the following areas:

Childhood Apraxia of Speech

Phonological Disorders

Articulation Disorders


Receptive Language Disorders

Expressive Language Disorders

Caregiver Coaching for Language Enrichment

Our Sevices


At Illuminate Speech we understand life is busy and therefore we work to reduce the barriers to receiving quality therapy. Providing therapy in a child's natural environment (home, private school, preschool, and daycare) is not only convenient for families, it also allows children to learn and practice skills where they will be using them. We also offer therapy via telepractice and have excellent methods to keep children engaged.

Families are always encouraged to be an active part of our speech therapy sessions. Parents are provided at-home practice after each session. ​​Our sessions are typically scheduled for 30- to 45-minutes and the frequency is dependent on the need of each individual child and determined as a team with the family. 



An evaluation will assess the child's skills in the areas of concern. Evaluations typically take 1-1.5 hours and include caregiver interviews, observations, and standardized testing if possible. At the end of the session, recommendations will be made and a therapy plan will be formed with the family. The speech-language pathologist will write a report of the findings, recommendations, and suggested therapy goals.

Parent Coaching

Parent coaching is designed to support and educate parents and caregivers in:

  • Developing confidence as their child's communication model

  • Addressing attention and behavior challenges that may impede learning and communication

  • Identifying opportunities for speech and language practice within daily routines 

  • Increasing opportunities for communication through play

Parent Coaching

Providing pediatric speech and language therapy for children in Saint John's and surrounding areas.

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