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Our Process

Our process is easy! Contact us today and we will answer any questions you may have. If you decide to refer your child for services here is our process from intake to treatment! We are looking forward to hearing from you and working with you and your family!


Get in Touch

Schedule a complimentary consultation call using the link below or call us directly at 904-553-7917. You can also fill out our contact form here.


Speak with Leah

You will speak directly with Leah to have your questions answered, discuss your concerns, and receive guidance on the next step.


Make a Plan

As a team, we will develop an individualized treatment plan, goals, and frequency for your child and family.



Once therapy begins, we always encourage families and/or caregivers to be an active part of the therapy process.


Achieving Goals

We will take regular data throughout our sessions to measure progress and ensure we are achieving your goals.

Schedule Your Consultation Call

We understand how busy life is...rather than play phone tag, we are excited to be able to schedule consultation calls where we can have dedicated time to answer your questions and schedule your initial session. Please use the link below to schedule your consultation.

Providing pediatric speech and language therapy for children in St. John's and surrounding areas.

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