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Meet Leah

Leah Murray, M.S., CCC-SLP

Owner, Speech-Language Pathologist

Leah received her Bachelor’s degree in audiology and speech sciences and her Master’s degree in speech-language pathology from Purdue University. Prior to starting Illuminate Speech, Leah worked at Cincinnati Children's Hospital, Wolfson Children's Hospital, in private schools, in preschools and in private practice. During this time she gained valuable experience helping children advance in their speech and language skills and learning to see the world through the eyes of the children she works with.

Leah has extensive experience treating childhood apraxia of speech, phonological disorders and working with late-talkers. She enjoys collaborating with occupational and physical therapists and consulting within the public school systems. 


Leah believes strongly in supporting children through the power of communication. With over 15 years of experience, Leah is passionate about celebrating with children and their families as they find and strengthen their voices.

When Leah is not supporting communication in the many families she works with, she loves listening to live music, attending church activities, and spending time with family and friends. Being a mother has given Leah tremendous insight into the daily rewards and challenges of raising children, managing a family, and continuing to work in a field you love.

Meet Leah

~ Testimonials ~

"Can't say enough about Ms. Leah! C. adores you and loves "playing" with you as he works on his "big boy words." It is a shame how hard it is to get early intervention services in Florida...Thank you Leah for your patience, love, and knowledge with us as we take this journey with C."

~ Jessica C. (mother of a child with childhood apraxia of speech)
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Providing pediatric speech and language therapy for children in Saint John's and surrounding areas.

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